Why frosted Sticker Required on Clear Glass Partition?

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Glass Partition in Dubai

As we all know despite being an employee or employer we prefer working in a workspace where glass partitions are installed. We get a secure and positive feel to work in a workspace where glass partitions are present. And as it’s see-through enough to give a secure feeling at the same time. Therefore, it lets in outer light inside the workspace creating a bright and enlightens mood which helps you be more productive and give better results.

Despite loving the see-through transparency sometimes plane Glass partitions are boring. Frosting stickers give the more elegant and sophisticated look it deserves. In some cases, employers prefer to go with tinting the glass panels, but the much preferable way to make a workspace with glass partition more stylish is to go with Frosting stickers.

Frosted Stickers on Glass

The thought that frosting stickers make a glass partition totally opaque is completely wrong. A frosting sticker doesn’t simply mean taking a huge sticker and sticking it on glass without any patterns. We can incorporate any kind of pattern into the frosting sticker and make the workspace look stylish and modern.

In other words, here at Dubai Glass Mirror, we give custom make the pattern that is desired by our client.

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