What are the difference between Clear or Extra Clear Glass?

clear and crystal glass

Clear or Extra Clear Glass

Clear Glass has a slight green tint to the body of the glass and a very dark green edge detail with very little tint in its appearance making it almost completely transparent, the glass edges have a very slight blue/green tint to it. Standard Clear Glass is far from being clear. Clear Glass has a green hue to it, and the thicker the glass, the greener it looks. Glass has iron content in it, and failing to remove it results in the green color and reduced clarity. This green tint can almost look black at the edge. While both give a different look on their appearance they serve the same purpose with the same performance levels; the only difference is that they have a different appearance and are around 20% more expensive than the clear glass.

Despite the looks of a green tint, it prevails over the crystal clear glass but is the most affordable and frequently used. The only plus point with extra clear glass is that it doesn’t have a green/blue tint to it, other than that they have the same durability, strength & safety features.

Places where an extra clear glass can be used:

  • Table Top Glass
  • Shower Enclosures
  • Handrails For Interior purposes

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