Vital Frequently Asked Question

How long will it take for my glass to be delivered?

Toughened Tempered Glass Stock: For stock size tempered toughened glass orders (glass of a size and specification that Dubai Glass keeps in stock the lead time is within two days from the time required that payment for the order is received.

Custom Made Tempered Toughened Glass: For toughened glass orders which are not stock sizes, or tempered toughened glass that requires special preparation time. Order will be submitted for processing after payment received at this point, and will be prepared, shipped and delivered within 3 days.

How soundproof are your standard glass panels in Dubai?

Full glass partition panels significantly reduce noise. In addition,  they are not 100% soundproof, they reduce noise by more than enough around 80% for regular office partition purposes. Leaving a 3mm gap between panels and filling with silicone helps to ensure the greatest best level of soundproofing.

How much does 10mm Tempered Toughened Glass weigh?

Standard 10mm tempered toughened glass weighs 2.5kgs per mm per square meter. For 10mm thickness of the glass x 2.5 for the weight per mm of thickness = 20 x 2.5kgs. So the total weight is 50kgs.

Another example in Dubai, a 2690 x 450 x 10mm panel –

(2.69 x 0.45) x (10 x 2.5) | (2.69 x 0.45) x (12 x 2.5) |

= 1.21 x 25 | Same

= 30.25kgs

After Order confirmation how long for installation?

When an order is confirm we do an official site inspection to get exact measurements and then the glass is placed into production (2-3 Working days). Once the glass is ready, the installation will be done in 1-2 Working days.

Do you provide any warranty for your works?

Yes, we do provide warranty for all of our high quality profiles from rust and corrosion free for a Whole Year. In case of Glass Doors with Machine, we provide 6 month Warranty for the floor machine.

Do you also do removal of Glasses and Gypsum or is it only supply and installation?

We also do removal and dismantling of Glasses without any extra charges other than the charge given by Dubai Municipality for dismantling it on its designated destination.

Why should we opt you company?

We are professional glass company with excellent customer services, site service and after service. Please feel free to read our clients testimony on

Why does some table top glass has green tint on side edge, can I get a glass without this green tint?

Yes we can provide you a glass without this tint which is called as Diamond Glass. Both these glasses have the same properties, the only difference is one has a green tint and the other doesn’t, hence giving it a rich look.

What glass thickness do you use?

We use 6mm, 8mm and 10mm thickness for glass table tops.
For shower enclosures and shower screen we also use the standard 10mm thickness glass
For office glass partitions, balcony glasses we also use 10mm or above 10mm thickness due to safety purpose.

Can I request for a 12mm thickness Table top?

Yes, we are customized glass company, we can provide the service that our clients request until its within standard safety of UAE Law.

Does the Glass has warranty too?

No, the glass doesn’t not have warranty for any accidental breakage after installation. Until installation it’s our responsibly to delivery what was written or promised to our client.

Can I get any dimension of Mirror?

Of course, you can. We are customized glass company. We can delivery to you any size of mirrors. Small, Big or Jumbo, we do it all.

Do you do Back Painted Glass or Curved Glass?

Unfortunately no, currently we are not dealing with back painted or curved glasses.

Is Glass Scratch removal a part of your service?

No, we do not provide this service. Our main service is supply and installation. At times we also do only supply for mirrors as per our client request.

Do you also provide maintenance for all these services you provide?

Yes we also provide maintenance services for almost all the main services we provide. We do Glass Door, Shower Enclosure (replacing of hinges and wheels), Sliding door, broken glass door, broken balcony glass maintenances.

If I hire you for gypsum partition, should I hire a third party for paint works?

No, when we are hired to do a job we do all the services that’s under our scope of work. That is in case a removal of gypsum partition is required to install a new partition, we also do the dismantle services, installation of new gypsum partition and do all the needful to give you an excellent professional finishing.