Foggy and Mold inside Glass Panels

double glazed glass

Foggy Glass Panels

Double glazed glasses come with plenty of benefits such as giving you extra light in your room at the comfort of your normal room temperate, despite the positive points it has, it also has some common problems that can come out of nowhere.

Condensation on the window

As some think that when it’s a double glazed window condensation can never occur. But they are so wrong. In a double glazed window glass partition, panels are seal and protected. Therefore, with elements that help control the temperate and avoid fogging or condensation within the panels.

Though that double glazed windows glass and panels are designed to such at times moisture within your home can be trapped in. The warm air within your home can condensate on your window on a cooler day.


foggy glass
foggy glass replacement

An advantage of modern windows is that we have vents that are designed to allow fresh air to flow through. When the fresh air is flown through it helps in reducing the condensation formed on the window panels.

Mold on window frames

Like we said earlier, the double glazed windows and panels are tightly sealed and protected with a special element within to help avoid condensation between the glass panels. And as days pass by, with year, this special chemical element may expire breaking the seal of the glass panels and let in condensation between the panels and become an environment that supports the growth of mould within.




The only possible solution for foggy glass panels would be to replace this glass panel and install a new one. As the expired chemical content within the glass panels cannot be added again or replaced with a new one.

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