Frameless Shower Enclosures by Dubai Glass Mirror

shower enclosure frameless

Frameless Shower Enclosures

Wondering whether there are ways to extend luxury into your bathroom, then this is what you should go with. There were days when people saw the bathroom only as a toiletry room but today we put equal through into the bathroom to any other room of the building.

How safe are Frameless Shower Enclosures?

At Dubai Glass Mirror we only use tempered glass, which is also known as safety glasses. One may think that with no stainless steel bar to hold the glass it makes fall off or be fixed in a fragile way. But in reality, they are as strong as any other shower enclosures with stainless steel metal rods.

The glass doors will be fixed on the wall using Hinges which will hold it perfectly fine. And the glass panels will be fixed on a bracket which will hold it firmly.

Waterproof Shower Enclosure

We also make the frameless shower enclosure leakproof but installing Magnetic Lipseal between the door and the glass panel, which will close automatically when brought near to each other use to the magnetic field between them.

Installing a Frameless Shower Enclosure will give you the bathroom and elegant and luxury look that you are looking for.

We at Dubai Glass Mirror are a customized company and we have created shower enclosures of your required dimensions.

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