Vital Frequently Asked Question

How long will it take for my glass to be delivered?

Toughened Tempered Glass Stock: For stock size tempered toughened glass orders (glass of a size and specification that Dubai Glass keeps in stock the lead time is within two days from the time required that payment for the order is received.

Custom Made Tempered Toughened Glass: For toughened glass orders which are not stock sizes, or tempered toughened glass that requires special preparation time. Order will be submitted for processing after payment received at this point, and will be prepared, shipped and delivered within 3 days.

How soundproof are your standard glass panels in Dubai?

Full glass partition panels significantly reduce noise. In addition,  they are not 100% soundproof, they reduce noise by more than enough around 80% for regular office partition purposes. Leaving a 3mm gap between panels and filling with silicone helps to ensure the greatest best level of soundproofing.

How much does 10mm Tempered Toughened Glass weigh?

Standard 10mm tempered toughened glass weighs 2.5kgs per mm per square meter. For 10mm thickness of the glass x 2.5 for the weight per mm of thickness = 20 x 2.5kgs. So the total weight is 50kgs.

Another example in Dubai, a 2690 x 450 x 10mm panel –

(2.69 x 0.45) x (10 x 2.5) | (2.69 x 0.45) x (12 x 2.5) |

= 1.21 x 25 | Same

= 30.25kgs