Shower Glass

Dubai Glass Mirror is one of the most acclaimed glass companies for shower enclosure screen, mirror installation, beveled mirrors, office desks, and custom partitions. In addition, office glass partition in Dubai, broken office glass door replacement, shower glass partition. All kinds of mirror installation and glass desk work our team has full expertise over the experience.

Shower Fix Installation
Black Powder Coating Shower Fix

What we create is widely appreciated by our clients for their features like quality services, attractiveness, durable designs and perfect finishing. Glass maintenance services are attractive, durability designs and perfect finish after the job finish.

Swing Shower Screen in Dubai

Swing Shower Screen Price

Glass replacement and new glass requirements in Dubai about frameless shower enclosure, sliding shower, and mirror works is the best idea for your current requirement. For more than 4 years of experience with a professional reputation for efficiency and quality glass reliability. Since glass company in Dubai has many reputable organizations, consultants as well as main contractors. We at Dubai glass mirror are committed to offering highest quality glass service as well as glass fixing and maintenance in UAE.

Sliding Door Shower Enclosure
Sliding Door Shower Installation in Dubai

Our services as Dubai glass repair, broken glass replacement, glass partition, shower enclosure, swing shower, sliding shower, shower screen fix and movable shower screen fix on bathtub. In addition, bath mirror, back-light mirrors, wall mirror and gym wall mirrors installation in Dubai is cover under our professional services.

wall mirror installation
beveled mirror installation

Table Top Delivery

Tea coffee table top is great idea for your home, office and meeting points.

Therefore, we deliver all kind of table top glass with affordable price such as; study table, computer glass table top, coffee table and dinning table.

full glass table
Fully Glass Table in Dubai

Glass Mirror & Aluminum Works

Starting our journey from maintenance and leading to interior renovation glass work, it took us to a platform where we have begun providing our professional services. We have excellent clarity in our glass and mirror goals, which has made us the leading manufacturer of all kinds of glass and mirror works.

Today, one can observe the level of our quality glass services in the most reputed restaurants, hotel chains, and other architectural sites in the Gulf region. We extend our care and concern on a daily basis to our employees and provide them with a safe and hazard-free working environment.

Our other repair, maintenance and renovation services as window glass repair; tabletop replacement delivery. Glass mirrors works in Dubai are glass fit-out services to our clients. Dubai glass mirror offering highest quality services, glass and mirror works, Dubai glass partitions works, office partition in Dubai, broken tempered glass door, tempered glass replacement, marine replacement and frameless shower enclosure works in Dubai.

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